Production and development
of telecommunications equipment
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Production and development
of telecommunications equipment
+7 (812) 339-09-60 +7 (964) 339-09-90
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We have a long experience, so that our vision of future stands on a durable support. Since 1991 we have come a long way and developed a unique knowledge base. Vast experience and fast reaction to market-induced changes allow us to create solutions with 100% correspondence to Customer wishes.


  • Software and hardware for integral systems
  • Telecommunication equipment control
  • Net and multimedia protocols
  • Algorithm and software optimization for DSP/SoC

Currently we develop and perfect software and hardware products for digital telephone networks (IP automatic telephone station “Elcom NT”, SIPLANT platform, voice gateways), solutions for execution of SORM (System for Operative Investigative Activities) functions and various applied software for wireless and multiservice communication systems. At the same time we form new product lines. All supplied equipment is certified by the Ministry of Communication of Russian Federation. Our products are compatible with software produced by leading world manufacturers.


Our production uses the following technologies: functional and time modelling, hardware reengineering, logic analyzers, fast modelling and field-programmable logic systems.

Applications development:

  • Platforms: Linux, QNX, Windows, Embedded systems
  • Technologies: XML, HTML, SQL, Web Services  etc.

Hardware support:

  • DSP (Freescale, Motorola)
  • FPGA (Altera, Xilinx)
  • ASIC/SoC (Marvell, Broadcom, Micrel etc.)
  • Intel x86

Software languages:

C/C+, JavaScript, php, VHDL, Assembler

Network technologies:

Ethernet/Fast Ethernet, xDSL, xPON, ATSC-M/H, VoIP, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi

Component base

We use key microcircuits manufactured by acclaimed market leaders in microelectronics (and here we follow all key micro equipment producers). Among our manufacturers are Texas Instruments, Broadcom and Marvell. We also cooperate with Russian CPU developers and conduct laboratory tests in order to determine the possibility of using their products in our equipment. All active components receive the proper technical support from their manufacturers. Therefore we maintain high product quality, which is confirmed by positive customer feedback.


All supplied software is free from third party rights. Along with our own developments, we use software with open source code. We guarantee no malicious logic or harmful attachments.

Our competitive advantage is special teamwork principles. We involve every team member into the search for optimal solutions. We also stay in touch with the Customer, announcing all stages of project development. The world business knows such work as “Agile”, meaning fast and flexible software development process. This was the approach that led to market success of “ELCOM” automatic telephone station before the term “Agile” appeared in 2001.